Home is where the heart is – cross-stitching some love

A long time ago an elderly aunt sent me a stamped cross stitch pattern – this was something I was always going to make, but somehow never got round to starting.


Skip forward about ten years; whilst moving from my flat to my first ever house that I had

bought and everything, I came across the cross stitch pack at the bottom of a box and ‘ta dah’ decided that what my house needed was a cross stitch sampler on the wall.

Stamped cross stitch sets are cross stitch for dummies – there’s a pattern stamped on to a piece of fabric and there’s a corresponding sheet telling you which colour goes where. The people who put together the set also sort out all the threads for you, give you a needle and send you a list of basic instructions. I managed to follow it, so needless to say, even a small child can.


The cross stitch itself took me forever, but that’s mainly because I’d put it down and come 

across another project and then take it up again and so on. Apart from losing the instructions half way through and having to go off the picture of it alone, then it was pretty easy – the instruction even told me how to sew a cross stitch.


I changed the design of the heart at the bottom, mainly because the original one was a bit frumpy 80s and as I have now decided to give this away, I wanted to add a little personal bit for my Mum (aww). 

All I have to do now is frame it and then it’s complete!

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